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Education system in Germany

In Germany, international courses are designed to attract students from all over the world. They include intensive guidance and are typically made up of small groups.

They are mainly taught in English across undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD levels. Germany is home to about 650 international degree courses in areas of arts, commerce, sciences, business, and economics.

Higher education institutions are divided into three broad categories:

Technische Hochschule (Technical advanced education schools): This advanced education schools teach subjects, for example, science, building, and innovation.

Fachhochschulen (Universities of applied sciences): These foundations offer courses that emphasize on pragmatic preparing associated with business, structure, financial aspects, and the social sciences.

Kunsthochschulen (Colleges of craftsmanship and music): These universities offer creative education, for example, music, expressive arts, style planning, and film-production.

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