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Scholarships In The UK

The UK is home to some of the best universities in the world, however studying at these revered institutions can come at a high price.

In order to ease the financial strain of this, by planning in advance, you can apply for a scholarship.

There are various grants which international students with an excellent academic record can apply for to either partially or fully fund their education.

There are several scholarships offered by the government and other public and private establishments which your counsellor at Envision can guide you through to find the best one to apply for.

When applying for a scholarship, the most important requirement for an applicant is an exceptional academic record. In some cases, universities also consider sports and extracurricular activities as an added advantage.

In case of a research driven scholarship though, you might have to submit a written assignment.

The amount of money you stand to receive from a scholarship varies. In some cases, they might offer 100% of the tuition fees including living expenses.

Since scholarships are most coveted among international students, we recommend working along with your counsellor at Envision at least a year in advance to beat the rush when applying for the same.

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