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Student life in Switzerland

As a student in Switzerland, you will be exposed to a multicultural environment.

The country lays emphasis on its resident’s wellbeing, and hence it is common to find almost everyone engaged in some or the other sport.

Whether it is skiing or kayaking or even running, the fresh mountain air is perfect for you to get out and be active.

Switzerland is also known for its numerous social activities and events.

The country organizes are number of parades, concerts, celebrates special days, and holds marathons.

As a student, these are activities you should take part in, to experience true Swiss hospitality.

If you hold a student’s visa, you can also take up a part time job in Switzerland to earn pocket money and gain industry experience.

As an international student, your work hours are limited to 15 a week, but this is relatively flexible, and can even go up to 30 in cantons like Geneva.

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