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Why Study In New Zealand

In the Global Peace Index 2019 New Zealand stood second, making it one of the safest places to study and live in.

The country is also home to a responsive education system and globally ranked universities. Indian students have thrived in such an environment, owing to it’s multi-cultural approach, and bountiful opportunities.

New Zealand is home to 8 universities, all of which have consistently ranked high among global ratings.

In addition, a degree from any of the universities here are recognized around the world, and open the doors to a large number of employment opportunities.

The country also boasts of excellent opportunities for research students, state of the art laboratories and campuses, and some of the best teaching staff in their respective fields.

Over the years, New Zealand has produced several Nobel prize winners, a testament to its advancements in fields like engineering, physics, healthcare, astronomy, computer sciences, and agriculture, among others.

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